Whiskey Spicy Dwarven Brown Dragon Roast

Ingredients (This is fer a single servin’ only. If yer feelin’ more’n a bit peckish or not makin’ food fer a wee lad, double all yer portions.):
1 wee-sized shot (about the size of the shots ye drank after dinner when ye was a lad) of olive oil
5 1/2 lbs brown dragon meat
1 1/2 pints spicy Dwarven sauce (buy some or ye can make yer own!)
2 heads of onion (chopped … ye know how to chop, don’tcha?)
1 pinch of black peppercorns (but don’t be stingy, ye git!)
1 flight of Dwarven whiskey (remember, if ye wouldn’t drink it, don’t cook with it!)
1/2 pint of water (this is how me ma made it, but I’ve found it better using ale instead; brown ale fer a brown dragon)
sliced green onions (fer garnish)

Get yer cooking fire started nice ‘n hot. Heat yer oil in yer pot. Add yer dragon meet, with the fat facing down. Brown (seems redundant fer a brown dragon, eh) on all sides, turnin’ often fer about twelve minutes. Take yer pot out of yer fire ‘n spread the spicy Dwarven sauce on yer meat. Sprinkle with chopped onion ’n peppercorns. Place yer pot back in the fire until yer meat is very tender (poke at it with yer knife to be sure). This’ll take ye the better part of three hours, so ye might as well enjoy some of that Dwarven whiskey ‘n ale ye have on hand. Be sure ye add some water (again, this is me ma’s recipe ’n I recommend using ale fer this, too) by the flight if yer meat is too dry.

Remove yer pot from yer fire ‘n put yer meat on a clean bit of wood (I recommend takin’ some metal bits ‘n tentin’ yer meat to keep it hot).

While yer meat is coolin’, spoon off most of the fat left in yer pot. Stir in yer Dwarven whiskey (ye didn’t drink it all, did ye?) and yer water (or ale if yer makin’ it the right way). Boil this fer a couple minutes addin’ more water (ale!) by the wee-sized shot if yer sauce is too thick or boil it longer if yer sauce is too thin.

Cut yer meat crosswise at a wee angle into slices about as thick as yer thumb. Garnish with yer sliced green onions. Pour yer whiskey sauce onto yer meat and serve.

Match with a nice brown ale (or a white wine if yer wastin’ good dragon meat on an elf fer some reason).

If ye cannot find any spicy Dwarven sauce, ye can make it from sweet potato, wheat, water, sugar, soybeans, vinegar, salt, garlic, ’n red chili peppers.

Whiskey Spicy Dwarven Brown Dragon Roast

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