“Tindertwig” – The best prank ever performed… that went terribly wrong. In memory of an elf.

“Giantkiller”- After killing two Hill Giants, Boddynock has added “Giantkiller” to his list of surnames.

“Boddynock the Beautiful”- After becoming a woman, Boddynock has started to refer to himself as “the Beautiful”.

“Master of Unlocking” – His dislike of the Faceless Man has led him to adopt this moniker as a jibe against the thief.

“Champion of the Arena” – Boddynock successfully defeated all comers in the Arena Games.

“Detective” – Boddynock has agreed to work with the local guard to track down the Freaky Flayer.

“Boddynock the Bait” – Boddynock has a knack for playing the worst part in most plans.

“Boddynock the Butchered” – Boddynock had a rather painful run in with the Flaying Man.

“Boddynock the Bathykolpian” – Boddynock has large… knockers

“Boddyknock the Bounty Hunter” – Boddyknock has successfully captured the Flaying Man and brought his evil to Justice. This could become a regular thing.

“Boddyknock the Battle-Born” – Boddyknock has died and been brought back to life in the middle of a great and epic battle.


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