Of Things Evil (and their Vanquishing)

Once the trail went cold, it became a matter of trying to lure the Flaying Man out into the open. Through skullduggery and gnomish trickery, I was able to ascertain that both the manager we had spoken with earlier AND the Grandmaster of the Leatherworker’s Guild were working together to bring this calamity to fruition. The Grandmaster had some sort of “Masterpiece” that he was working on. I’m not sure what the point of it was, but he had to be stopped.

Given that our last plan did not work, we came up with a couple of others. Most of them involved sitting and waiting for the Flayer to show and the skinning him alive. They were not, perhaps, the best laid of plans… but we were on a schedule.

After a sleepless night and no incidences, we had to change course and come up with something else. On our way down to the barroom to discuss said plans, we met a most unfortunate scene. The Flayer was harassing the barmaid! Leaping into action (as that is what I do, being an Action Gnome), I quickly discovered that the barmaid was the Grandmaster in disguise. Unable to determine if this was good fortune, or ill, my comrades and I cut through them with little difficulty. We then looted the corpses (as our fee) and brought the bodies to the useless town watch. Knowing their level of competency, they will probably resurrect the bastards and give them a slap on the wrist. At this point… it’s not really my problem. And with that, we were called back to the MAOMM.

On the trip, I had the opportunity to look at the loot that we had captured. There is something off about it. The armor worn by the Grandmaster seems to be made of a material that is not quite animal hide. I shudder to think about the things that may have gone into creating this foul piece of equipment, but perhaps we will be able to get some use of it… or at least give it a proper burial.


Of Things Evil (and their Vanquishing)

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