Of Things Dragon

Well that could have gone better. Luckily the cool cats at MAOMM had a clone of me ready to go, and I was able to return to the fray. Unluckily for me, it was too late. Not only was I naked as the day I was born, but Bamph was already gone. The dragon’s throne room was a muddy mess, and although the amount of satisfaction I took away from that was small… I still took it. Gathering my wits about me, I proceeded to search for my Dwarven friend.

The process itself was fairly easy. There was a guard blocking the entrance to an elevator shaft, but I managed to knock him over the precipice using my superior intellect. Giants are dumb.

So are the Lizardmen guards this dragon insists on using. I’m not even sure what they do around here other than get easily tricked and massacred. At least the giants are large and have brawn to back up their lack of brains.

Blahblahblah. Things happened, and I ended up single-handedly saving two dozen slaves from the clutches of an evil blue dragon. How awesome am I?

That leaves the matter of Bamph’s equipment though. And some new guy. A slippery feller. Named “Richard” or something equally dreadfully human and mundane. He’s good with a lock though, I’ll have to give him that. And he seems to be competent enough at finding traps. I checked over his work, just to make sure of course, but he seems to be doing a fine enough job.

Anyway, we had little choice but to go back into the dragon’s lair. Bamph was able to procur the help of a couple of Giants. Friends of his, he said. I was skeptical, but I wasn’t in a place to argue. We needed the muscle.

So we get back to the dragon’s lair, and open the doors, and raid the dragon’s lair. Pretty mundane stuff for one such as myself. The dragon made a brief appearance and didn’t seem the least bit surprised to see me. I guess the legend of Boddynock the Immortal gets around… even way out in the middle of the desert. He thought it’d be great fun to watch me fight Bamph to the death. I thought otherwise.

Unfortunately, this little endeavor of ours seems to have broken a treaty between two of the dragons. Bamph wanted to stay and help, and I was inclined to agree (even if they were giants), but we were more or less thrown out of town so that the Giants could handle it amongst themselves. Poor bastards. I hope for their sake they made the right decision. A gnome on the battlefield is worth two in the forge, as my grand-gnomey used to say. We have work to do anyway.

Of Things Dragon

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