Boddynock the Bait

… and was stabbed for my effort. Not only was I stabbed, I was partially flayed. It hurt. A lot.

Luckily, Bamph came to my rescue. And that dog… orc… thing. They managed to scare the Flayer away, but unfortunately they did not manage to capture the monster. He got away.

This would obviously call for more sneaky measures to be taken. With that in mind we began to scour the docks, using Dwarven Diplomacy on those that we met. That didn’t really work either… but I had a suspicion about one of the managers at the tanning factory. Our less than legal, snooping had turned up some evidence of nefarious-ness and so on a hunch I left one of my homunculi behind to spy on the ne’er-do-well.

That also turned up nothing. I was going nowhere fast and it seemed like Death was my driver.

Using a bit of scrying that my Grandpappy Grome taught me when I was but a wee gnomey, I was able to locate the killers. Turns out my hunch was right. The dude with the stuff was in on the plan!

So we headed back to his factory and confronted him. The coward ran away, and I in my stupidity forgot to lock the door behind me. Before we could give chase, he disappeared from sight and vanished into a wall. Or up a wall. Or something. Either way, his trail went cold at a wall.


Boddynock the Bait

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